UVC Germicidal Lighting Certifications

During the COVID-19 pandemic UL rapidly developed requirements to address UV overexposure hazards involved with several types of equipment, which are collectively covered under UL 8802, Outline of Investigation for UV Germicidal Equipment and Systems. Now in its fourth edition, the outline presently concentrates on nonresidential, permanently mounted or fixed germicidal equipment and systems with uncontained UVC emissions. Click here for more information on UL 8802 Certifications.

In addition, UL recently issued UL 8803, Outline of Investigation for Portable UV Germicidal Equipment with Uncontained UV Sources. UL 8803 covers portable germicidal equipment for use in households and similar environments. This set of requirements addresses devices that expose air and surfaces within an unoccupied area to uncontained UV energy. These devices are intended to remain stationary while in operation. UL 8803 aims to minimize the risk of UV overexposure injury through an integral motion detection function, activation cycle requirements and product operating time limits. When integrated properly, these safeguards work to ensure the device will operate only in unoccupied areas. Click here for more information on UL 8803 Certifications.

UL also created the Ultraviolet-C, UVC Germicidal Products Reference Guide that details the hazards involved with UVC radiation, identifies the UVC products we will certify and describes the Certification (Listing) requirements used to certify each type of equipment. Click here to download the Ultraviolet-C, UVC Germicidal Products Reference Guide. More UVC-related resources are located at UL.com/uvlighting.