This page is intended to provide many useful resources for anyone involved in inspections within the built environment. 

Inspection Tools:

UL Product iQ®

It’s easy to specify or verify products certified by UL using our Product IQ® search tool. Product iQ is free, but a one-time registration is required.  Learn how to use UL Product iQ, take this FREE-On Demand Webinar- Understanding and Using UL Product

Inspection Resources for Code Authorities

The resource pages below and to the left are intended to provide information that may assist code authorities in understanding complex topics and applications for several areas of focus.

Cannabis Extraction Equipment-UL now certifies plant oil preparatory equipment, extractors, extraction booths or pods, post-processing equipment and plant oil utilization equipment.  Learn more about UL/ULC 1389 and the UL certification product categories for these plant oil extraction machines and equipment.

Commercial Cooking Equipment- Commercial cooking hood systems and equipment installations can be complex.  UL's interactive Commercial Cooking and Certifications Categories diagram can assist in making those inspections easier.

Energy Storage Systems Resource- UL's interactive Energy Storage Systems and Certifications Categories diagram can assist in making energy storage system inspections easier.  Keep up to date with the latest on energy storage systems.

Field Evaluations-  Get more information on UL Field Evaluations or get a quote.

Heating and Cooling Equipment-  Keep up with the latest on news on the phase out of flammable refrigerants in HVAC equipment.  Access the Heating and Cooling Equipment Marking and Application Guide.

Line Side Connectors-  Find wire connectors UL Certified for use on the line side of service equipment in accordance with National Electrical Code® NEC ® 230.46.

Marking and Application Guides-Marking and application guides are designed to assist code authorities, designers, and installers in determining the suitability of UL certified equipment for use in a particular installation.

Reconditioned Electrical Equipment- 2020 NEC compliance, Safety certification FAQ's for reconditioned equipment and information on obtaining UL certification for reconditioned products.

Ultraviolet UV-C Germicidal Lighting- Recent Developments In UV-C Germicidal Lighting Certifications and Ultraviolet-C (UVC) Germicidal Products Reference Guide.

Solar Automated Permit Processing Plus (SolarAPP+) - An online instant permitting portal for eligible rooftop residential solar and storage projects.

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