Effective January 1, 2023, National Electrical Code® (NEC®) 230.46 requires wire connectors used for splicing or tapping conductors on the line side of  service equipment to be Certified (Listed) as suitable for this use. How will these connectors be marked to identify this use on the line side of service equipment? Are there any connectors UL Certified (Listed) for this use?

 Yes, wire connectors UL Certified (Listed) for this use are now available. See the list of manufacturers’ UL Certification files below or follow the steps below to search UL Product iQ to find them yourself.  These wire connectors are UL Certified (Listed) under the product category Wire Connectors and Soldering Lugs (ZMVV). The guide information for this category states that connectors suitable for use on the line side of service equipment may be marked with the following or equivalent:  “SR” or “Suitable for Use on the Line Side of Service Equipment”. These markings may appear on a connector, smallest unit container or information sheet placed in the smallest unit container.

One way to identify connectors Certified (Listed) for this use is to search UL Product iQ® at www.ul.com/piq:

  1. Begin the search by entering the Category Control Number (CCN) “ZMVV” in the “Create a Search Now” field.
  2. On the next screen, enter the manufacturer’s file number or name in the keyword search field.
  3. Select the ZMVV Certification (Listing) file from the results.
  4. In the left navigation under “Resources”, select ”View Products in this Listing.”
  5. Once viewing those search results , use the “Search Template” in the left navigation to see Certified (Listed) models eligible to display the SR or equivalent text option by selecting the ”Use Statement” field and then selecting ”Suitable for use on the line side of service equipment.”  A complete list of models from this file that are eligible to bear this marking will be displayed.  If this text option is missing from the “Use Statement” field, the manufacturer does not have any connectors Certified (Listed) for the use.

Searching UL Product iQ® is complimentary; registration is required for full access.

Below are links to manufacturers’ UL Certification file on UL Product iQ® that will display the model numbers of  wire connectors Certified by UL Solutions under the product category Wire Connectors and Soldering Lugs (ZMVV) as suitable for use on the line side of the service in accordance with NEC Section 230.46.  UL Product iQ® registration is required to view the certification information.

Ilsco Corp,, ZMVV,  File E6207

Polaris Sales Co. LLC,  ZMVV, File E186991