If you cannot find a design using the online search tool Product iQ® but were able to find it in a previous publication such as the hard copy of the UL Directory, that may be due to the fact that Certifications for tested designs are periodically “withdrawn” or removed from our records. Additionally there may designs you can find in Product iQ® that were not previously in the hard copy version of the directory. This can occur for several reasons:

  • One of the test sponsors (a manufacturer of a product listed within the design) is no longer in business. Since one of the products is no longer available the design cannot be replicated as originally tested.
  • The building codes mandate that the products listed within tested designs must be audited annually. The test sponsor may no longer want to maintain the audit.
  • A test sponsoring company may get bought by another company; sometimes the new company is unaware of the contractual relationship with UL and the certification will lapse.
  • UL is constantly testing new designs and since the hard copy directory is a “snap-shot” in time, any design tested and currently listed can only be found using the online search tool Product iQ®