cUL assemblies – Many US designs have also been certified for use in Canada. If the title of a design includes BXUV7 – Fire Resistance Ratings – CAN/ULC-S101 Certified for Canada, it has been investigated to Canadian standards and is intended for installation in accordance with Canadian building codes. Any loading or other restrictions noted on the design should be considered in the installation. For additional information see the General Information for Fire Resistance Ratings – CAN/ULC-S101 Certified for Canada link on the top of the design. To locate Canadian cUL designs in Product Spec, enter the desired design parameters, along with keyword “BXUV7”.

ULC assemblies – ULC fire-resistance rated assemblies can be found in the ULC Online Certifications Directory under Fire-Resistance Rated Assemblies. To find an assembly that meets your project specifications, scroll down to the NUMBERING SYSTEM FOR FIRE-RATED ASSEMBLIES table and use the hyperlinks in the table to locate the types of construction needed (e.g. floor-ceiling, beams, roof-ceilings, walls and partitions or columns) and the type of protection anticipated in the installation. Clicking on the corresponding hyperlinks in the table will result in a list of available ULC designs that can be opened and reviewed individually.