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Customer Service

If you have questions about obtaining UL Certification, UL field evaluations, other UL services or if you have account or billing questions, please contact UL’s Customer Service Professionals at +1.877.ULHelps (+1.877.854.3577) or by email: cec@ul.com

Codes and Regulatory Services

UL Codes & Regulatory Services experts are available to provide code authorities with answers about the applications for which products are certified.

Code and regulatory inquiries

Leave a message or send an email and we will respond promptly. Please call +1.800.595.9844 or email ULRegulatoryServices@ul.com.

Contact information

United States

Jeff Fecteau Jeffrey.Fecteau@ul.com

Marguerite Carroll  Marguerite.E.Carroll@ul.com
Howard Hopper  Howard.D.Hopper@ul.com
John Taecker  John.K.Taecker@ul.com
Steven Jones  Steven.Jones@ul.com

Tom Lichtenstein  Thomas.R.Lichtenstein@ul.com

New York
Bruce Johnson  Bruce.Johnson@ul.com
John Maguire  John.Maguire@ul.com

Jon Roberts  Jonathan.Roberts@ul.com

Michal Hofkin Michal.Hofkin@ul.com

Kelly Nicolello  Kelly.Nicolello@ul.com

Chris Jensen  Christopher.Jensen@ul.com

Outside of the United States

Brian McBain  Brian.McBain@ul.com
Andrew Pottier  Andrew.Pottier@ul.com

Mexico City
Eduardo del Muro Cuéllar Eduardo.Delmuro @ul.com

Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Ghaith Bakir  Ghaith.Bakir@ul.com


The LinkedIn Codes and Technical Services Group

The LinkedIn UL Codes and Technical Services Group, sponsored by UL’s Codes and Regulatory Services Department, discusses timely, issues related to North American codes and regulation. It is designed to help code authorities, architects, specifiers, contractors and installers achieve safe, code compliant installations. Discussions cover a wide range of issues associated with products covered by North American model codes and regulations. These include building, electrical, fire, green construction, mechanical, plumbing,sanitation and public health code, among others.

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