UL Certified LED Retrofit Kits for Luminaires-

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does retrofitting a luminaire ‘void’ its UL Listing?

Retrofitting an installed luminaire does not impact the original Listing.  The UL Listing Mark is applied by the luminaire manufacturer (OEM) at the factory. It is the manufacturer’s attestation that the product met the appropriate UL Standard when it was shipped. The UL Certification Mark or UL Classification Mark on the retrofit kit indicates that it has been evaluated by UL for use with the identified luminaires. It also indicates that when the kit is installed in accordance with its markings and instructions, the
converted luminaire complies with UL 1598.

  • Is a UL Field Evaluation required for retrofitting?

If a UL Certified LED Retrofit Kit is installed in strict adherence with its installation instructions, then a Field Evaluation should not be required on the modified luminaire.  A Field Evaluation is appropriate if a luminaire was modified using a non-certified retrofit kit or if a conversion was performed by an unqualified person.

  • Does the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) need to be notified when a luminaire is retrofitted?

Jurisdictions typically require permits and AHJ approval when retrofitting installed luminaires. Since regulations vary by jurisdiction you should check with your local AHJ regarding the regulations in your area.

  • Is it acceptable for installers to build their own retrofit kit using “off the shelf” pieces and parts?

Section 410.6 of the NEC requires luminaire LED retrofit kits to be Listed.  UL Certified LED Retrofit Kits include parts and instructions that have been verified to confirm that the modified luminaire would comply with the UL standard for luminaires (UL 1598) – when installed according to the instructions. If a luminaire is modified using off-the-shelf parts instead of a UL Certified Retrofit Kit, then the modified luminaire would be no different than any other field modified electrical equipment, and a UL Field Evaluation would be required to determine its compliance with applicable Codes and standards.

  • Where do I find UL Certified LED retrofit kits?

Suppliers of UL certified Retrofit Kits can be found using UL Product iQTM database by searching under the UL category code “IFAR”. UL also offers an on-line database, which can be searched parametrically to find UL Certified Retrofit Kits that meet specific applications. Go to UL iQ database for Solid State Lighting at http://iq.ul.com/ssl/ choose “LED retrofit kits” from the drop-down menu and simply select the parameters that you need. The database will do the rest!

  • Is permission from the original luminaire manufacturer required to retrofit their product?

Installed luminaires are the responsibility of the owner. The owner makes the decision regarding retrofitting and should consider suitability of the proposed UL Certified Retrofit Kit(s) for the target luminaires as well as installer qualifications necessary to meet the local code requirements. However, retrofitting a luminaire without explicit permission from the luminaire manufacturer could eliminate any remaining warranty coverage.

  • What qualifications are required for someone to retrofit a luminaire?

Jurisdictions vary in their adopted requirements regarding qualifications necessary for modifying installed equipment. Some areas may require licensed electricians and some allow other means of qualifying retrofit installers. Contact your local AHJ or planning department to determine the qualifications necessary in your area.

  • Can a retrofit kit be made by a manufacturer other than the original luminaire manufacturer?

UL certified Retrofit Kits can be made by any company. Some luminaire manufacturers may make retrofit kits specific for their luminaires. The kit’s installation instructions identify the type of luminaire for which the kit is intended and should always be consulted prior to any retrofit decision to determine suitability.

  • Are retrofit kits for specific luminaires or are they generic?

Retrofit kit manufacturers can certify their products for either specific luminaire models or for generic types of luminaires that meet the specific mechanical and electrical criteria identified in the kit’s installation instructions. This criteria typically includes the original luminaire’s minimum or maximum dimensions, the luminaire’s shape or configuration (i.e.: troffer, high hat, etc.) and any specific physical features that are required for proper fit. When kits are certified for specific luminaire models, their installation instructions will include the luminaire model numbers.

  • What is included in a UL Certified retrofit kit?

UL Certified Retrofit Kits always contain a set of detailed Installation instructions which identify the type of luminaires(s) for which the kit is suitable, major kit components such as the LED Driver or Power Supply, LED Modules and mounting means, field applied labels. The kits might also include adhesives, connectors, lampholders, and wire, although these common components may instead be called out in the installation instructions as installer supplied parts.

  • Where is the luminaire retrofit kit Certification Mark?

The UL Certification (Classification) Mark is required to be located on a major kit component. Typically this is on the LED light source (lamp) or its driver.

  • Why are both a UL Recognized Mark and a Classification Mark on the power supply?

Most components used in retrofit kits are required to be separately evaluated and will bear the UL Recognition Mark or the UL Listing Mark. As such one major component of the kit (the LED driver or the LED lamp) will include an additional UL Certification Mark related to the retrofit kit.

  • Where can I use UL Certified LED Retrofit Kits

Always use UL Certified Retrofit Kits in accordance with their markings and installation instructions which will convey the specific application(s) the kit was evaluated for. To ensure the converted lighting product will continue to comply with its applicable standard after conversion LED retrofit kits must be certified to the correct standard. Kits intended for installation in:
• Luminaires and office furnishing are evaluated to UL 1598C and covered under UL product category code IFAR
• Commercial refrigerators and freezers are evaluated to UL 471 and covered under UL product category code IFAS.
• Electric signs are evaluated to UL 879A and covered under UL product category UYWU.

  • What are Type A / Type B lamps?

These are lamps that can operate both 1) as direct replacement for specific fluorescent lamps without the need to modify the luminaire (Type A), and 2) as replacements for line-voltage lamps
in previously converted luminaires (Type B). These lamps are investigated to UL 1993 for use as a standalone product and additionally to UL 1598C for use as part of a luminaire retrofit
kit, and are therefore eligible to carry a dual UL Certification (Listing and Classification) Mark.

  • Can I use Type A / Type B lamps to convert a luminaire?

Not unless the lamps are also investigated to UL 1598C as part of a UL Certified (Classified) luminaire retrofit kit and carry a dual Certification (Listed and Classified) Mark. Lamps that carry only the UL Certified (Listed) Mark have not been investigated by UL for luminaire conversions.

  • How do I get UL certification to make retrofit kits?

Contact UL at LightingInfo@UL.com.

  • Who can I contact if I see retrofit kits or products being misused in the marketplace or in the field?

Report safety related concerns about UL products to our Market Surveillance team by filing a Product Incident Report. To file a report go to www.UL.com/ahjreport.